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Drive more value with the seed fund that scales founders faster.

RevRoad Capital helps founders secure and allocate capital, build high-performing teams, prevent premature scaling, and enlist the help of others to scale their businesses.

You drive. We help navigate with hard-won startup wisdom.

We actively participate in the startup journey, matching our capital with startup expertise and a deep commitment to your success. Founders drive. We help navigate. Let’s scale together.

Deep diligence. Proven performance.

In partnership with RevRoad, our sweat equity sister company, we see founders and portcos perform up close and personal for up to two years. We back the best of RevRoad and other high-performing leaders and businesses.

Leading the way.

Our portcos thrive on creating and disrupting their categories.


"They've earned the trust of my team by sharing great principles and playbooks at just the right time. The right timing is huge."
- John Sperry
Founder & CEO


"The experiences they share boost your confidence in those 'don't look down' moments when you've reached a new stage."
- Jake Hawksworth
Founder & CEO

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"Securing the right kind of capital for a high-growth business like ours comes down to relationships. They've shown us they care."
- Joseph Martin
Founder & CEO



"They don't tell us what to do; they share principles and introductions and let us figure out if and when we want to act on them.
- Andrew Kenney
Co-Founder & CRO